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Display Case for Lego Model & Other Collection Model ,Support Custom Size

Display Case for Lego Model & Other Collection Model ,Support Custom Size

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Before buying, please measure your model size carefully to ensure the display box can fit£¬due to the large number of models, we also support custom sizes for customers.

Material: Acrylic 
Package Content: .4 X Side Acrylic Plate .1 X Roof Plate .1 X Bottom Plate .
Pack Attention: 1. This product is only display case, NOT included model! 2. The product is delivered in flat packaging and needs to be assembled. 3. The surface of the product have protective films to prevent scratches. Please remove the protective film before assembling. 4. If you have any difficulties in assembling, please contact us


1. Q:Why is the plate not transparent?

   A: In order to avoid plate damage, our plates have protective films on both sides, and there will be burrs on the edges of individual plates after cutting production. This is a normal situation and is not a quality problem. Tearing off protective films, plate is clear and transparent.

2. Q:Why is the received display box not assembled?

   A: Because our plates are made of acrylic material, which belongs to plexiglass, the probability of damage is very high during transportation when finished, so you need to assemble it by yourself after receiving it.

3. Q:can customize the size by customer request?
    A: yes,Please tell us your needs by email, thank you.

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